Braille Note Mpower BT Leather Case w/straps

Executive Products, Inc.

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EPI Braille NoteMPower BT 32 or 18, form fit custom leather case is designed to enable the Braille user to easily utilize the note taker while the case is on the unit and allow the unit to be carried on a comfortable strap. The flap covering the unit has a zipper pocket, on the inside of the cover. The flap is secured down with heavy velcro. The flap maybe flipped to the rear and secured under the unit, if the user need to utilized the Notetaker while walking.

The EPI Braille Note MPower BT 32 or 18 case is manufactured with high quality materials such as leather to provide durable outer protection, foam inlay, to provide cushion for the note taker and brush tricot with fabric interior to protect the keys and note taker cover. The case is equipped with a large heavy duty black metal zipper and black metal hooks to provide security, durability and safety. Finally, the case utilizes a one inch, adjustable heavy strap with a large comfortable shoulder strap. The strap includes an attachment to secure a GPS receiver.